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Construction Equipment

This results in faster delivery of quality output in each of the customer or clients projects. The investment helps to improve overall site performance, increase the efficiency of operations, ensure time bound output and error free work atmosphere. 

List Of Equipment

12 MT Tower crane1 No
2Digital Mixer machine 1 bag1 No
 Mixer machine 1 bag6 No
 Mixer Machine ½ bag 1 No
 Mixer machine 2 bags2 No
3Weigh batcher6 No
4Hilti  Bracker6 No
5Chipper3 No
6M S Pipe1000 No
73 x 2 Plates3000 No
83 x 1.5 plates 200 No
93 x 1 Plates600 No
10Tractor1 No
11Cup lock system for shuttering50000 sqft
12Acro span500 No
13Form work plyAs per requirement.
14Hoist4 Nos
15Hand Cart30 Nos
16Compactor3 Nos
17Vibrator25 No.
18U jack5000 No.
19Reinforcement binding machine2 No.
20Quality Lab Equipment 
 A.– GI Sieve Set
 A.-  IS SieveSet
 A.– Cube mould (150x150x150mm)18 No
 A.– Slum Cone With Temping Rod3 No
 A.– Soil Testing Equipment1 Set
 A.– Cube Testing machine2 No
 A.– Electronics Balance 3 No

Equipment / Machine Gallery